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We have been dealing with real estate transactions for over 35 years and are constantly concerned with determining a reasonable purchase price for the properties. Therefore, we have an overview of the price at which a property is or can actually be bought and sold at the present time. 

Through our membership in the relevant associations, we are constantly expanding our market overview. In addition, we advise a large number of prospective buyers as well as owners/builders on a daily basis.

Our 7-point recommendation formula:

Competence, personality, market knowledge, seriousness, discretion, neutrality and social responsibility

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Commercial real estate and commercial buildings require extensive knowledge of the market and a lot of experience. For decades, commercial real estate, office buildings, shopping centers or specialist markets were considered a safe investment due to long-term leases and generally good to very good locations. Tenants with good credit ratings and excess demand stood for stability. Covid-19 then brought the risk into retail, separated losers (e.g. fashion, shoes, etc.) and winners (food, drugstore goods, animal feed) and precisely because of this, the retail spaces now have to be managed particularly cleverly. The positive exceptions were large grocery stores and now, as a result of inflation, the discounters and specialty stores for everyday needs and that's where we come in.  Would you like to purchase one of these objects? We accompany you through the due diligence and the entire selection, testing and purchase process with all its facets.

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Brokers have the task of being neutral mediators and maintaining the necessary distance despite all their commitment! With every sale there are peculiarities, every purchase is slightly different, which expands the wealth of experience.

In addition, we keep ourselves up to date on all legal and tax innovations, so that we can point out important legal, tax, financing and administrative aspects to sellers and buyers.

Another reason to work with Retail Real Estate.


We are often enthusiastic about a property and its prospects - you cannot do this job successfully without enthusiasm. But we don't attach our hearts to it like the seller. 

Especially in real estate transactions, emotions can easily come into play that complicate the sale. Then we are in demand as a neutral intermediary who works objectively and purposefully. A broker can also check the creditworthiness of the buyer without reservation - he is legally obliged to do so anyway according to the Money Laundering Act - and mediate diplomatically between the interests of the seller and buyer with the aim of a win-win result.

On this basis, a close and lasting business relationship has often developed with sellers and customers.

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We take responsibility:

If you want to make a contribution like us and many others who are fully engaged in professional life, then this is most likely to be done through personal and material support for socially committed people in the funding regions and for great organizations.

We would like to recommend one outstanding project that we are very committed to, because it has been somewhat neglected since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  read more...>


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Retail Real Estate Schubert

Take advantage of our wealth of experience from 35 years of marketing and consulting, the very personal and individual implementation strength, but also our neutrality and independence as a reliable service provider who works to balance your interests

Carl and Gunda Schubert, founders and owners of Retail Real Estate Schubert.
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